Ex-Pharmaceutical Employee busts open the hard truth.

I recently discovered the work of Sasha Latypova, a veteran of pharmaceutical research and development, who is exposing absolute mind blowing evidence that the culprit around this Pandemic facade, is actually the government itself. In the US, at least, among other government entities, the Department of Defense, is behind ordering big pharma to make these mandated prototypes or demos, not vaccines. Latypova, has a good line in one of her talks, “We did not defraud the government, we delivered the fraud that the government ordered.” ~ Pfizer

I did a short video promoting her work and less than ten minutes after uploading onto YouTube, my video was pulled. No surprise, in fact, nearly every video I make gets pulled off YouTube and I very few viewers there, and yet whatever I’m uploading is immediately pulled. Apparently, I’m violating community guidelines, while it’s ok for them to help violate humanity. At least I have Rumble and other sources, for now.

Latypova’s Substack is called Due Diligence and Art, it’s worth reading. The trail she’s following should be front page/top story headlines, but in this media propaganda clown world, the scary truth remains largely unknown, but you need to seek it out.

Here’s a link to my video on Rumble (channel name) : AKStraightSpeaks

Why You should Know the Work of Sasha Latypova

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